Michelle Christa Smith

Height: 5’8″
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Union status: ACTRA
Phone: 514-814-8796
Email: blackburntalents@live.ca


Continuum (Season 2)—Actor—Pat Williams
Fringe (Season 4)—Actor—David Moxness
The Next Big Thing (Independent)—Principle—Trevor Addie
Hey Red (Independent)—Principle—Trevor Addie

Scorched Earth—Stunt Double Paul Wu
Mistresses ND—Stunts Rob Hayter
Deadpool—Stunt Double Robert Alonzo/Philip J. Silvera
Dead Rising ND—Stunts Trevor Addie
A Wife’s Nightmare—Stunt Double Byron Brisco
Arrow Season 2 (2 Episodes)—Stunt Double James Bamford/JJ Makaro
Wayward Pines—Stunt Double Ernest Jackson
Spooksville (2 Episodes)—Stunt Double Brett Armstrong
Continuum (2 Episodes)—Stunt Double Kimani Ray Smith
Forever 16—Stunt Double Lauro Chartrand
Rogue ND—Stunts David Jacox
Soldiers of the Apocolypse (2 Episodes)—Stunt Double/ND Stunts Patrick Sabongui
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters ND—Stunts Scott Ateah
New Born Stunt Double/ND—Stunts Trevor Addie
The Secret Circle—Stunt Double Aaron Au
Fringe (2 Episodes)—SAE Stunts Rick Pearce
Psych (2 Episodes)—SAE Driving Dan Shea
Smallville (3 Episodes)—Stunt Double/ND Stunts/Circus Jacob Rupp, Aaron Au, Brian Lydiatt
Red Riding Hood Fire Dancer—Stunts Sarah Elgart, Andy Cheng, Scott Nicholson
Hell Cats—Dancer Paul Becker, Jeff Dimitriou
Dancing Ninja—SAE Stunts Jeff Ong
Percy Jackson & The Lightening Thief—Stunt Warrior Dean Choe, Bob Brown
Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer—Dancer 20th Century Fox
Crash Test Mommy—Cheerleader—Paperny Films & The Life Network

Barbie & The Three Musketeers—Corrine(Action)—Rainmaker

Acting—Scene Study—Matthew Harrison, Stuart Aiken, Actors Foundry
Acting—Foundations—Leanne Adachi, Shoreline Actors Lab
Acting —Private Coaching/Auditioning—Anastasia Bandey, Actor Works
Acting—Scene Study, Script Analyses—Patrick & Kyra Sabongui, ACT Vancouver
Workshop—Principal and Stunt-Actor Auditioning—Candice Elzinga
Workshop—Stunt/Principle Acting-Auditioning— Heike Brandstatter
Workshop—Stunt Acting Auditoning—Sean Cossey
Fire Arms for Film—Wire Work Jon Funk
Fighting for Film—Shawn Beaton

Entrepreneur, World & National Champion Baton Twirler, Weapons Specialist, Professional Acrobat, Professional Dancer, Fire Manipulation, Hand to Hand, Choreography, Licenses Class 5 & 6 Driver, Stunt Fighting, Harness Work, Electric Guitar, Juggling,Motorcycle Riding Pacific Riding School, Surrey, BC, Baton Twirling (1, 2 and 3 Baton) 20+ years Canada, USA, Europe, Dance (Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Contemporary, Lyrical, Pointe) 20+ years Canada, LA, Italy, New York, Circus Arts (Manipulation, Hand to Hand, Harness) 10 years, Gymnastics (Tumbling) 10+ years Red Deer, AB, Vancouver, BC, Entertainment Rigging, Escrima, Hand to Hand Combat, Weapons Fundamentals, Krav Maga, Filipino Martial Arts