Molly McGivern

Grandeur: 5’3″
Poids: 110 lbs
Couleur de cheveux: Bruns
Couleur des yeux: Bruns
État de l’union: SAG AFTRA

Phone: 514-814-8796

Catégorie :



Lost—Rosie (Recurring)— ABC / Dir: Jack Bender
Remain Calm— Lead— Rail City Media
Flowers of Evil— Lead Jacob— Chelkowski Productions
Reflections— Lead— 24 Frames of Light
« Shoots » The Movie— Supporting/Belly Dancer— Tito Productions
Une Civilisation Mystérieuse— Supporting— Productions Le Banquet

Evita— Evita— Aloha Theater, HI
Let My People Come, Off-Broadway Revival— Various Leads— The Underground Lounge, NY
Garrett the Blue Giraffe— Israfel— The Player’s Club, NY
Reverie— Lili— Centaur Theatre, Montréal
The Sound of Music— Maria— Aloha Performing Arts Co., HI
Daisy and the Wonder Weeds— Daisy— Monument National, Montréal
The Rocky Horror Show— Columbia— Rialto Theatre, Montréal
The Midlife Crisis of Dionysus— Various Leads/Musician— Mainline Theatre, Montréal
Waikiki Nei— Actor/Musician/Dancer— Royal Hawaiian Showroom, HI
Steel Magnolias— Shelby— Aloha Theater, HI
Little Shop of Horrors— Audrey— Aloha Theater, HI
River— La Rate— L’Ange Cornu, Montréal
Othello— Bianca/Belly Dancer— Aloha Theater, HI
Comedy Crusaders— Improv. Comedian— Neil S. Blaisdell Center, HI
The Man in the Case— Varinka— Tranq Room, Kyoto, Japan

Improvisation— Armando Diaz, Michael Howard Summer Conservatory, NY
Voice & Speech— David Wells, NY; Kimberly Mohne, American Conservatory Theatre, SF
Physical Acting— Letitia Bartlett, American Conservatory Theatre, SF
Vocal— Roberta Prada, NY
Scene Study— Angela Pietropinto, Naomi Thornton, Michael Howard Studios, NY
Movement— Jill Echo, Michael Howard Studios, NY;
Paula De Vasconcelos, Pigeons International, Montréal
Script Analysis— Brett Goldstein, Michael Howard Studios, NY
Myrna Selkirk, McGill University, Montréal
Invisible Theatre— Augusto Boal, New York University, Brecht Forum, NY
Mask Work— Pierette Venne, Cirque du Soleil, Montréal
Clown— Virginia Scott, Michael Howard Studios, NY
Shakespeare— Will O’Hare, Michael Howard Studios, NY
On Camera— Gabrielle Berberich, Michael Howard Studios, NY
Scott Rogers, American Film Academy, HI
General— Michael Howard Summer Conservatory, NY
B.A. in Psychology and Theatre, McGill University, Montréal

Singer (various styles), Fluent French, Accurate Accents (with notice), Violin (classically trained, improv., 20+
years), Guitar (intermediate), Bass (intermediate), Tango, Contemporary Dance, Belly Dance, Hula, Surf, Yoga,
Aerial, Stilts, Archery, Driver’s License, Canadian Work Permit