Jazmin Illidge

Height: 5’3″
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Union status: ACTRA Apprentice

Phone: 514-814-8796
Email: blackburntalents@live.ca



Rebel Daughter—Carrie Best/Viola Desmond—Dawson Theatre/Jude Beny
August Osage County—Ivy Weston—Dawson Theatre/W. Steven Lecky
Much Ado About Nothing—Antonia/Ursula—Dawson Theatre/Winston Sutton
Hippolytos/Alkestis—Aphrodite,Messenger—Dawson Theatre/Stephane Zarov
My Son is Crazy But Promising—Tilly Granger(Lead)—Dawson Theatre/Winston Sutton
Last Metro: The Musical—Georgie—Fringe Festival
Zombie Apocalypse: A Love Song kid—zombie—Fringe Festival
The Indebted Diner—Sophia—Centennial Regional High School
Whimsical: The musical—Toto—Centennial Regional High School
Hidden Talents—Ms. Jackson—Centennial Regional High School
Ironnie—Suzie—Centennial Regional High School
Stay—Mrs. Cole—Centennial Regional High School
W.T.A.W.T.A.W—Lacey—Centennial Regional High School

We WANT to Learn—Narrator—Montreal Centre for Learning Disabilities
Grown Ups have it too—Narrator—Montreal Centre for Learning Disabilities

Camera Acting Workshop—Andrea Kenyon—Andrea Kenyon Casting Associates Inc.
Callback Workshop–Rebecca Harper, Laurel Thomson, Alisa Palmer, Mike Payette—National Theatre School of Canada
QDF Workshop—Mike Hughes and Mike Payette—Dawson College
Shakespeare Workshop—Matt Enos—Dawson College
Clown Workshop—Carolyn Guillet and Jed Tomlinson—Dawson College
— — — — — —
Dawson College Professional Program Graduate
Acting—Winston Sutton and W. Steven Lecky
Voice Training (Vox Method)—W. Steven Lecky
Voice Studio Training—Jude Beny and Gordon Masten
Movement—Kimberley Barfuss
Dance—Elissa Bernstein
Text—Stephane Zarov, Andrea Frankle, Adam Kelly Morton
Improvisation—Mike Hughes, Carolyn Guillet, Matt Enos, Barbara Kelly

Digital/analog photography, hot barre, yoga, running, sword fighting, stage combat, contemporary/modern dance, bicycling, cooking.