Delia Tatiana

Height: 5’5″
Weight: 118 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Union status: ACTRA Apprentice

Phone: 514-814-8796



Finding Mr.Right 2— Actor— Chinese Feature, Xue Xiaolu/Maple Edge Films
Stolen Life— Supporting— European Feature, Steve Lupino/Crystal Productions
The Untold Stories of the ER— Principal— Docudrama Jason Bourque/Urgent Care Productions TLC
They Dream— Co-Lead— Superchannel Feature, Gord Stanfield/Pristine Ent
Evil Has Come to Prey— Principal— Superchannel Feature, Tyrone M Polanski/BEA
Sinsters— Co-Lead— Indi Feature, Gordon Stanfield/Pristine Entertainment
Porter— Co-Lead— Indi Feature, Gordon Stanfield/Pristine Entertainment
I Ran— Supporting— Indi Feature, Mostafa Keshvari/Indi-Film
All About Sarah Niles— Supporting— Indi Feature, Shiralyn J. Lee/L Girl Productions
Hours Till Dead— Supporting— Indi Feature, Jason Mills/Mills Pictures
Moonliner— Supporting— Indi Feature, Donald Hanzel
Tout Va Bien— Principal— Indi Feature, Fred Goldstein/Citrus Pie Media Group
Jude’s Hope— Principal— Indi Feature, Nicholas Sherry/Nicko Films
Jugni, Back to Roots— Principal— Indi Feature, Navalpreet Rangi/Studio 7 Productions
Nocturne Six— Principal— Indi Feature, Charlton Jacques/Foresight Entertainment
Gun Control— Principal— Indi Feature, Ronnie Alampour

Mercedes-Benz— Actor— Jeff McNab/Maverick Video Group
Bureau en Gros— Lead— Blink Media
Staples Corporate— Lead— Blink Media
Dominion Lending— Lead— Driving Television
Two Spa— Lead— Hongyin Zhu

Nordstrom Radio Ad— Narrator— Jessica Heafey Productions
Podcast Meander— Actor— Dan Leone Productions
UBC Educational Video— Narrator— IC Productions
Audible scripts— Featured— Will Lewis
BangStyle— Featured— Raphael Rogers

Homeless Invasion— Lead— Zachariah O’Dell/Sekushi Productions
Case Study— Co-Lead— Bryan Robinson/Grasshopper Philms
The Gift— Co-Lead— Nelson Wu/House of XY
5 Women— Co-Lead— Malik McCall/SFL Productions
Resort— Supporting— Matilda Aslizadeh

Turning Point— Lead— Amir Shehata/A to Z Productions
Desturbia— Recurring— Allen Roman/Dest Entertainment
Nightwing— Featured— Kyle James Patrick/Bear vs Eagle Prod
Sinful Sam— Supporting— Barbara White/Finnesse Media

Acting From Source— Acting— Shea Hampton
GO Studios— Dialect— Trish Allen
Rogues West Actors Studio— Dialect— Trish Allen
The Actor’s Room— Audition— Dena Ashbaugh
The Actor’s Room— Improv— Graeme Duffy
The Actor’s Room— Mocap— Carrie Thiel
The Actor’s Room— Unarmed Combat— David McCormick

— — — — — —

Vancouver Film School(Graduate)
Acting—Jim Bates, Ron Chartier, Bart Anderson, Bill Marchant, Debra Thorne, Suzanne Hepburn, Michael Chase
Audition—Jennifer Clement, Roger Haskett
Dance—Joey Bothwell
Dialect—Adam Henderson
Improv—David C. Jones, Michael Robinson
Movement—Conrad Alexandrovich, Mikal Grant
Singing—Alisa Kort, Mikal Grant
Stage Combat—Adam Henderson
Voice—Ian Raffel, Stephen Park, Sheila Langston, Mattie Shisko
Voice Over—Jason Simpson

Pilot (power flying and gliding), Dancing (6 years), Singing (4 years), Fluent Romanian, Basic Spanish
Weight Lifting, Triathlete, Yoga, Accents(Euro French, Quebecois, Spanish)